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Siemens TIA Portal V16 SUS Grace Period

Traditionally, you must have a valid current Software Update Service (SUS) agreement in place to be provided the latest software updates when they are released. If not, you will typically pay more for an “upgrade package” to get on the latest versions, once the release has been announced. For a limited time ONLY – mid FEB 2020 – Receive the TIA Portal V16 Online Delivery with a purchase of a Downloadable SUS agreement. AND potentially receive the TIA Portal V17 later in 2020.

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Applied Controls Becomes One of Universal Robots First Authorized Training Centers

Universal Robots Certified Trainers will conduct training modules that cover a range of core and advanced cobot programming skills, including cobot scripting, industrial communication, and interface usage.

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Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, Enjoys a Universal Robot Demo at Recent Trade Show

Give Amazon 's CEO Jeff Bezos two Universal Robots A/S cobots and see what happens!

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