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SE 8 Enclosures

Unlike bayed enclosure suites with frames and removable side panels, the body of the SE 8 – consisting of two side panels and a roof – is made from one piece of sheet steel. The rear panel of the enclosure is screwed on for easy access and cable entry can be handled in a variety of ways using the integrated base frame. Rittal’s TS frame is integrated into the body and the SE8 accepts all standard TS8 accessories – including chassis, mounting panels, handles, fan and filter units and cable handling options. The SE8 door and rear wall are electrically bonded to the enclosure using a patented hardware system that requires no separate ground straps. The two mounting levels integrated into the enclosure provide more room for options, making better use of space while reducing installation time. Units are available as one and two door versions in both carbon and stainless steel. The SE8 has recorded UL, CSA and CE approvals

SE 8 enclosure

Endless Possibilities

One engineering solution for both platforms
Reduced planning costs – the same 3D data can be used.

Same climate platform – from the fan-and-filter unit to the chiller
Simpler ordering and assembly due to cross-platform common mounting dimensions and output categories. The TS 8 modular climate control concept can be used without any limitations.

One set of system accessories for both the TS 8 and the SE 8
Lower storage costs, easier ordering and a secure and simple system configuration.

Two-level approach
Effective use of space and greater interior installation options.

Available in one and two door versions in both carbon and stainless steel

• Highly stable thanks to self-supporting, integrated frame construction

• Installation doesn’t require prior assembly of side or rear panels

• Variety of bases/plinths – sheet steel, stainless steel or the new Flex-Block plastic

• Automatic potential equalization

• Optimum cable entry points

• Two level mounting approach

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