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Universal Robots- UR3

  • Radius: 500mm/ 19.7ins
  • Payload: 3kg/ 6.6lbs
  • Weight: 11kg/ 24.3lbs
  • Axis: 6axis

Denso- SCARA Robots & More

  • Cycle times: .31 sec -.99 sec
  • Max comp speed: 3,900-11,380 mm/sec
  • Reach: 430mm-1,298mm
  • Payload: Up to 13kg

 Universal Robots- UR5

  • Radius: 800mm/ 33.5ins
  • Payload: 5kg/ 11lbs
  • Weight: 18.4kg/ 40.6lbs
  • Axis: 6axis

Universal Robots- UR10

  • Radius: 1300mm/ 51.2ins
  • Payload: 10kg/ 22lbs
  • Weight: 28.9kg/ 63.7lbs
  • Axis: 6axis


Macron- Cartesian Robots & More

  • High Speed
  • Pick & Place
  • Easily Scaled for large & small jobs
Product Overview

Applied Controls offers a wide range of Robotics that can help your organization save time and money. Our selection includes collaborative robots, articulated robots; mobile robots and grippers. Let our expertise help you guide you through the process of selecting a robot that best suits your operations.

Featured Products:

  • Universal Robots- UR 3/ UR 5/ UR10
  • Denso- 6 Axis Robots
  • Macron- Cartesian Robots

Featured Manufactures

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Robotiq- Adaptive gripper

  • 85mm or 140mm stroke
  • Eliminate custom-made end effectors & tools
  • Compatible with all major industrial robots

Purple Robotics gripper

Purple Robotics- PR10 Electrical vacuum gripper

  • Plug & Produce
  • Dual grip with two individual vacuum channels
  • No external cables
  • Lost grip detection

On Robot- Collaborative gripper

  • Plug n' play
  • Force & Width detection
  • Wide work range
  • Analog width feedback
Product Overview

Applied Controls offers collaborative and adaptive robot grippers that our designed for seamless integration with all major industrial robots

Featured Products:

  • Adaptive gripper ( Robotiq)
  • Collaborative gripper (On Robot)
Featured Manufactures
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