Learn how to program complex, adaptive robots quickly and inuitively with ArtiMinds RPS ( Robot Programming Suite)

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Artiminds Robot Programming Suite

ArtiMinds RPS represents a new generation of automation. It is flexible, universal, robust and portable, thus combining the best of both human labor and classical automation. ArtiMinds RPS combines online and offline programming in a unique, intuitive package to easily create complex robot programs without writing a single line of code.


  • Intuitive programming via drag & drop and wizards
  • Large set of programming templates and examples videos
  • Extensive hardware support
  • Easy connection to PLCs, sensors and actuators
  • No extra robot controller due to automatic generation of robot code
  • Import of CAD formats as well as mesh formats
  • Import curves from CAD models and projects onto free-form surfaces
  • Simulation of robot motion and 3D editing

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