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Innovative robot arms from Universal Robots are flexible, light weight and user friendly 6 axis industrial robots. They are developed specially for small and medium enterprises, which has the need for flexible and effective automation that can provide them fast return of investments.

Automate virtually anything with a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots. From gluing and mounting to pick and place, and packaging, a robotic arm can streamline and optimize processes across your production operation. 

This event includes:

  • How these adaptive robotic arms operate
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Programming and deploying a UR arm in just minutes
  • Installations without safety requirements
  • Application examples
  • Return on investment calculations

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Price: Free

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Robotics Day

Learn how much you would save with Universal Robots

We provide accurate pricing for the robot, tools and accessories and calculate the payback period for your robotic investment.

For more information or to register for a Workshop, please contact: Marie Martin at 610-408-8000 or via email mmartin@appliedc.com

Universal Robots FREE Educational Event

(11:00AM - 1:30PM)

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