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Siemens Industrial Control Panels for North America – According to UL Standards

UL Guidelines Event

Are you familiar with the strict rules and directives that must be complied with when assembling and exporting industrial control panels for North America? Our aim is to increase your awareness of these standards and regulations and help you align your business to the UL market. In this one-day workshop, you will get to know the most important regulations that must be complied with when manufacturing electrical equipment for machinery, i.e. industrial control panels or machine tools according to UL Standard UL 508A. You will also acquire an understanding of the most important points to remember when planning a system or selecting components.

What this seminar includes:

  • Terms and Definitions
  • Network types in North America / USA
  • Branch Circuit – Feeder Circuit
  • Power Supply; Main Disconnecting Means; Power Supply Systems
  • SCCR – Short Circuit Current Rating
  • Motor branch circuits acc. to UL508A Protection of other loads
  • Control circuits acc. to UL508A Enclosure types acc. to UL-compliant marking
  • Unlisted products
  • Information and search possibilities

Upcoming classes:

9:00AM- 3:00PM

Schedule: May 22nd, 2018

Location: York, PA

Price: Free

UL North America

Industrial Control Panels for North America - According to UL Standards

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