Value Added Services Offered by Applied Controls

Applied Controls, Inc. offers complete sub assembly, pre-wiring, cabling, custom
packaging and kitting services. We can assist in identifying areas where we often can provide major savings by utilizing these services.

You can drive significant cost reductions in:

  • Receiving – count reduction, smarter packaging, faster identification
  • Inspection – certified to your specs & method of assembly drawings, fewer steps
  • Inventory – fewer SCUs, less time to pick,  space savings, JIT & VMI options
  • Purchasing – efficient procurement process, fewer line items, consolidation, less tracking & expediting
  • Assembly –more control and consistency, faster production, lower safety risks, better compliance
  • Labor – fewer parts, less steps equal direct labor savings, less  assembly, wiring, picking, checking
  • Quality Control – reduced variance, easier validation, improved consistency

*Applied Controls offers factory authorized repair services on all our product lines*


Challenges we see facing our customers and industry

  • Plants are costly to run and skill gaps are growing.
  • Complying with changing regulatory & safety concerns.
  • Not being connected, cyber security, becoming uncompetitive.
  • Reducing & managing costs and consumables.


We help solve these problems with tools that can unify your engineering platform, modernize manufacturing and get to market faster by leveraging our resources. We do this with a proven approach and business model we refer to as the “Tech Center”.

Our Specialties:

  • machine vision, inspection & identification
  • robotics, motion and position control
  • digitalization, visualization and modernization for smart manufacturing
  • network security and enterprise wide connectivity



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