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Terminal Blocks

Bolt Connection Terminal Block

  • Special clamping nuts
  • Easy bridging & potential distribution
  • Large-surface labeling options

Push-in Terminal Block

  • Time saving pre-treated & solid conductor connection
  • Convenient insertion
  • Safe wiring & operation
  • Conductor can be released without special tools

Fast Connection Terminal Blocks

  • 60 % time saving during connection as a result of no conductor pre-treatment
  • Test connection on both sides in safety lever
  • Tested for railway applications

Screw Blocks

  • Generous wiring spacing
  • PLug-in direction parrallel
  • Zero maintence
  • High conductivity thanks to a wide conductor cross section range
  • Tested for railway applications
Product Overview

Terminal blocks facilitate the connection of panel-mounted electronic components to device power and field wiring. A variety of modular terminal blocks, power distribution blocks, multi-port junction blocks and pre-wired connection cables and modules are available to make quick, clean, safe and efficient installations.

Featured Products:

  • Component Terminal Blocks
  • Fuse Modular Terminal Blocks
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