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Solid-State RelaysSolid-State Relays

  • Slim design
  • Efficient connection to system cabling
  • Integrated input circuit
  • Plug-in bridges

Thermal RelaysThermal Relays

  • STOP button
  • Manual/ Automatic reset
  • TEST functions
  • Phase failure sesitivity


Time RelaysTime Relays

  • Space saving
  • Precise and convenient time setting
  • Fast/ tool free wiring
  • Fast installation

Safety RelaysSafety Relays

  • Cost saving
  • More flexibility in cabinet
  • Fast wiring saving time and cost
  • Multi functional device

Compact Monitoring RelaysCompact Monitoring Relays

  • Easy to install in industrial cabinets or compact controllers
  • Allow users to configure the basic parameters of an application
  • Targeted shutoff in event of fault

PLC RelaysPLC Relays

  • Equipped with Ethernet port and connections
  • Extended temperature range
  • Time Synchronization
Product Specification

The PLC logic relay system is the first to combine logic, interface, and field connection levels in a single solution. This means that you can switch and control I/O signals using a single compact system. You can combine the new PLC logic module with the corresponding relay and analog modules as required.

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  • Solid-State Relay
  • Time Relays
  • Compact Monitoring Relays
  • Thermal Relays
  • Safety Relays
  • PLC Relays
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