Motion Control

1FK7 Servo Motors1FK7 Servo Motors

  • Static torques from .18 to 48 Nm
  • 6000rpm
  • Triple overload capacity
  • Encoder system support



  • Single-source motion control lowers total system costs
  • High-speed communication
  • 8 feedback types supported as standard

EP Servo DrivesEP Servo Drives

  • Compact space saving design
  • 24V dc input for logic power supply
  • AC/ DC input
  • Field-programmable flash memory firmware



  • Single axis and multi-axis drives
  • Power unit mounted on the motor to minimize the cabinet size
  • Integrated motion control function within drive

Exlar ActuatorsExlar Actuators

  • Small size with high power density
  • Digital position controller
  • Can handle heavier loads
  • Long working life

Macron Dynamic Linear Actuators

Macron Dynamic Linear Actuators

  • Horizontal or vertical
  • High speed, heavy load applications
  • Simple and economical


Product Overview

Motion control typically refers to systems with accurate position/velocity/torque capabilities operating in either open or closed loop mode. Open loop stepping drives send motion commands to stepper motors, but receive no information about the result. Closed loop servo systems have feedback devices at the motor shaft to verify or adjust the resulting motion.

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  • 1FK7 Servo Motors
  • EP Servo Drives
  • Exlar Actuators
  • UniMotors
  • Macron Dynamic Linear Actuators
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