Field I/O


  • Flexible & fast connection
  • Safety Integrated- fail-safe modules
  • Comprehensive range of modules



  • IP20 degree of protection
  • 30+ IO modules can be inserted in each station
  • Easy wiring/ transparent structure
  • Standardized for all 35mm wide modules


  • Maximum usability
  • Compact design
  • High Speed & data transfer rate



  • Suited for user specific/ complex tasks
  • High plant availability
  • Integrated diagnostic function channel by channel





  • Easily installed modules
  • Safety-related shutdown of actuators
  • Simplified wiring

Product Overview

For controller installations where end devices are located long distances away, field I/O or distributed I/O systems can greatly improve system efficiency and reduce wiring costs. Localizing field terminations at the machine or device being monitored/controlled allows for easier installations/modifications, shorter wire runs, and faster troubleshooting.

Featured Products:

  • Axioline
  • ET200SP
  • ET200AL
  • ET200ECO
  • ET200MP
  • ET200M
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