Siemens G120

Siemens G120

  • Wide power range (.5kW- 250kW)
  • Available in low voltage and DC versions
  • High level of safety
  • Simple coupling to SIMATIC control systems

M200 Nidec

Nidec - M200

  • M201 variant has additional speed reference potentiometer
  • Optional AI-Back-up Adaptor
  • Optional AI- Smart Adaptor has built-in 4 GB memory


Siemens G120C

Siemens G120C

  • Wide power range ( .5kW-132kW)
  • Compact for simple installation
  • Easy integration in automation environment

M300 Nidec

Nidec - M300

  • System Integration (SI) module slot for communications
  • Easy-to-disconnect internal EMC filter
  • User-friendly control connections
  • User-friendly power connections

Siemens V20Siemens V20

  • Wide power range (.12kW-30kW)
  • Broken belt detection
  • Pump protection
  • Frost & condensation protection


M400Nidec - M400

  • Easy-to-remove terminal cover with tool-less close system
  • Robust cable management system
  • System Integration (SI) option module
  • Power-on / drive status LED



Product Overview

Applied Controls offers a wide range of Drives solutions that leverage  engineering efficiencies to improve performance and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Featured Products:

  • Siemens G120
  • Siemens G120C
  • Siemens V20
  • Nidec - M200
  • Nidec - M300
  • Nidec - M400

Featured Manufactures

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Soft Starters

Siemens 3RW30 Siemens 3RW30

  • Rated up to 55kW for applications in 3 phase systems
  • Reduces stress on connected equipment
  • Limits starting current & torque

Siemens 3RW40Siemens 3RW40

  • Soft Stop function
  • Motor overload protection
  • Integrated remote RESET
  • Thermistor motor protection

Siemens 3RW44Siemens 3RW44

  • By-pass Contactor
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Remote reset
  • 2-Phase control method
Product Overview

A reduced voltage soft starter helps protect the motor and connected equipment from damage by controlling the terminal voltage. This limits the initial inrush of current and reduces the mechanical shock associated with motor startup and provides a more gradual ramp up to full speed. Soft Starters are also beneficial to electrical systems with limited current capacity when using a soft starter for motor starting to limit the inrush current.

Featured Products:

  • 3RW30 Soft Starter
  • 3RW40 Soft Starter
  • 3RW44 Soft Starter

Featured Manufactures

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