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Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable controllers have become the primary automation method for many industries, and applications, providing accurate, reliable, easily-modified control. In addition to discrete and process functions, PLCs have evolved to perform complex tasks such as motion, data logging, web server access and email.

Machine Vision & ID Readers

Machine Vision & ID Readers

Applied Controls offers some of the world's leading vision systems, software, inspection systems, and image-based ID readers used in manufacturing automation today. Our product portfolio can help your company improve product quality, eliminate production errors to lower your manufacturing costs while maintaining high quality products. Click here to learn more about our vision and ID products.

Robotics & Grippers

Applied Controls offers a wide range of Robotics that can help your organization save time and money. Our selection includes collaborative robots, articulated robots; mobile robots and grippers. Let our expertise help guide you through he process of selecting a robot that best suits your operations.

Sensing Technologies

Our robust line of sensors offer a reliable detection for a wide range of packaging process. Our line of Sensing Technologies sensors are best in class and can detect objects and offer high availability even in rough industrial environments.

Drives & Soft Starters

Drives & Soft StartersElectrical drives control the speed, torque and direction of a downstream device, most typically a motor. Variable frequency drives (VFD) provide speed control for AC motors such as those in conveyors, fans, pumps and shop tools. DC drives provide variable speed control for DC motors, ideal for applications requiring low speed control, torque and power.

HMI/ Industrial Computers

HMI/ Industrial ComputersThe HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides a textual or graphical view of system conditions and operations, vital information absent with simple pushbutton panels or switch banks. HMIs offer robust monitoring, control, status reporting and many other functions.

Power Supplies

Power Supplies Electrical power products provide safe and efficient power services for industrial and commercial use, and include power transformers, DC power supplies and converters, power distribution blocks, wiring devices, power entry modules, power line filters, and panel interface connectors.


Safety ProductsEven the simplest process should be in compliance with national and international standards, and now it is affordable to get reliability and high performance for maximum machine safety. These certified machine safety components meet equipment and personnel protection needs, including safety switches, safety light curtains and safety relays.

Circuit Protection

Circuit ProtectionCircuit protection is a critical part of any industrial or commercial installation, to meet national codes and protect equipment and processes from excess energy that could cause damage or safety issues. An extensive selection of circuit breakers, supplementary protectors, fuses and holders, and disconnect switches is available, many complying with UL 98, UL 508, and UL 489 standards.

Field I/O

Field I/O For controller installations where end devices are located long distances away, field I/O or distributed I/O systems can greatly improve system efficiency and reduce wiring costs. Localizing field terminations at the machine or device being monitored/controlled allows for easier installations/modifications, shorter wire runs, and faster troubleshooting.

Motion Control

Motion ControlMotion control typically refers to systems with accurate position/velocity/torque capabilities operating in either open or closed loop mode. Open loop stepping drives send motion commands to stepper motors, but receive no information about the result. Closed loop servo systems have feedback devices at the motor shaft to verify or adjust the resulting motion.

Motor Control

Motor ControlFor every motor, some form of electrical control is required, from simple ON/OFF to more complex variable speed applications. Motor control devices encompass simple manual controllers, motor contactors and starters, drives and soft starters.


RelaysRelays have been the traditional building blocks of control since the 1950s. Still in wide use for simple control or power conversion, styles include electro-mechanical general or special purpose relays such as high power or hazardous location styles, as well as solid-state relays.


EncodersEncoders can electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft. Applied Contols offers a wide range of Absolute Encoders, Incremental and Optical Encoders that  are easy to install and easy to use.


StacklightsStack lights offer modular stackable components that provide illuminated and audible status indication for machines, systems and processes. Also known as signal towers, components or pre-assembled units are available in a variety of colors, with incandescent, LED or Xenon lighting, audible alarm choices, and flashing or permanent lighting.


Enclosures Enclosures house and protect electrical components and wiring in a wide variety of environments, where NEMA rating standards define the degree and type of protection. Electrical equipment can be further protected using enclosure thermal management to extend interior component life. Lighting and other accessories accommodate special installation needs.


PushbuttonsPilot devices are an integral part of most automated processes, from simple pushbuttons and indicating lights, to selector switches, foot switches, and visual/audible signal devices. A wide selection of 22mm and 30mm panel-mount devices is available; hazardous location control stations meet environmental listings; signal devices offer a variety of mounting options.

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