Value Add panel1Value Added Services Offered by Applied Controls

Applied Controls, Inc. offers complete sub assembly, pre-wiring, cabling, custom packaging and kitting services. We can assist in identifying areas where we often can provide major savings by utilizing these services.

You can drive significant cost reductions in:

Value add treminal blocks
Whether we are simply adding connectors and cables to your sensor or actuator, we can save many steps from requisition to installation.  Kitting all the accessories, adding jumpers, lugs, terminals, labels or cutting to length;
 allow us to simplify your project. Value Add image2

Capabilities and Some Examples:

Value Add Power SuppliesThe list above is just a sampling to help you think about how we might be able to deliver real bottom line savings to your next project and/or improved asset utilization in your plant.

There are also “soft” services to offer. Our Automation Technology Centers provide advanced training, hands-on workshops, “learning labs”, technical seminars, application specific demonstrations, prototyping and proof of concept testing. 

Integration & Turn Key Services

Value add Control panelApplied Controls, Inc. will provide complete Integration Services for only the products or manufacturers we have an authorized contract to service and support.  Paid services on projects or applications outside of our scope will be subcontracted or referred according to the needs of our clients.

We provide our integration services utilizing a combination of our own personnel, our manufacturer’s personnel and certified independent integrators. Our Integrator partners are fully competent and specifically experienced with our products, software and industry.  They act on behalf of Applied Controls with the same level of responsibility, commitment and contractual obligation as one of our full time employees.  We classify our Integrator partners according to the following categories:

Professional Associate – An independent contractor or integrator, who is knowledgeable and trained on our products, has specific experience in our industry and we have worked on numerous projects together.  They are individuals or firms who work closely with Applied Controls and our major manufacturers.  They are effectively an extension of our deliverable services, assuming the same level of responsibility for the customer’s satisfaction as one of our own employees.

Registered Integrator – An independent contractor or firm who has significant experience in our industry and has specific proficiency with our products.  Operates under his or her own contractual terms and conditions.  They are integrators and or subcontractors who have significantly invested in our relationship by attending certification training and maintaining their expertise with regards to our products.

Approved Integrator – Integrators and/or contractors whom we have worked with on successful projects and whose performance warrants our referral and continued consideration.  Their own contractual terms and conditions would apply.

value add control panel2VALUE ADD MISSION

"Please allow us the opportunity to serve you to the best of our ability"

The Entire Staff of Applied Controls, Inc.



Strategic Mission as a High Technology Distributor:

value add connectorsUsing our experience and expertise to research and acquire product lines that offer unique or innovative advantages for our customers that along with our value added services lead to performance improvement, provide a competitive edge and create cost savings