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With more than 450 patents for photoelectric sensors, safety solutions, and bar code scanners, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations.

The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, consumer goods, logistics, parcel/postal, and material handling industries.. SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications.


Industrial Sensors

SICK Industrial Sensors reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognize and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects. This vast array of industrial sensors encompasses photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors. 

SICK Sensors more information Their photoelectric sensors include cylindrical, compact, small and miniature series as well as zone control roller conveyor sensors and fiber-optic photoelectric sensors.  Capacitive sensors are ideal for level and feed monitoring. SICK can always provide the right solution to meet your inductive proximity senor requirements – from cylindrical and rectangular standard sensors... to special sensors for explosive zones and harsh environments.

Industrial Sensors


High Performance Sensors

SICK provides sensing solutions for the most difficult applications.  Their wide range of specialty sensors SICK High Performance Sensors more information includes:

High Performance Sensors


Position Encoders

Distances, positions and angles — when precise positioning is required, an encoder is unbeatable. For distance measurement applications, the resolution of the encoder is in the micrometer range, and when making angular measurements, it is equivalent to a few thousandth degrees. Their line includes absolute, non-contact length measuring systems, wire-draw encoders and compact measuring wheel encoders.

Sick Encoders and Inclincation Sensors


Distance Sensors learn more

SICK offers the most distance measurement products in the industry, providing more flexibility and value for its customers.You can detect distances or other dimensions, such as filling levels or positions precisely using SICK distance measurement sensors. From micron to mile, our products deliver the highest degree of measurement accuracy and ensure smooth production processes.

Distance sensors


Automation Light Grids learn more

Detecting, measuring, inspecting or counting objects in two dimensions are typical tasks for automation light grids. Whether you need to detect letters, small parts, packages, persons or pallets, SICK can solve the application.  Light grids from SICK offer multiple ranges, heights, sizes, orientations, and resolutions.

High-end light grids are ideal for more complex applications including; material handling on conveyors, automated storage and retrieval system applications, order fulfilment, and more.  Standard automation light grids from SICK can be used in a number of solutions, such as detecting and counting of irregularly shaped objects, checking for presence and protrusions of pallet loads. The smart light grid family includes smart area sensors, smart gate sensors and smart pick-to-light sensors. At only 8 x 25 mm, they fit nearly anywhere and can be imbedded inside walls, doors, conveyors, and machines. 

Light Grids


Fluid Sensorslearn more

SICK offers a variety of solutions for reliable liquid level measurement in stocking, tank content, storage capacities orautomated disposal applications. Laser, ultrasound, capacitive measurement and electromechanical technology can be used for small and large measuring tasks.

With its pressure sensor portfolio, SICK offers tailored that are well suited for general industrial applications such as machine and plant engineering, in machine tool systems, in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, for pressure control systems and for pumps and compressors. The devices are distinguished by their robustness, high quality and simple applicability along with their compact dimensions and convincing price-performance ratio. 

Fluid sensors


Safety Solutions

SICK Mini Twin more information Since their inception, SICK has led the world in opto-electronic Safety Solutions for hazardous machines and work areas. SICK continues to develop innovative point-of-operation devices, optical perimeter and area guards. Advanced functions of their safety control devices include fixed, floating, and multiple point floating blanking, Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) and multiple configurable muting controls.

Safety Solutions

SICK Safety Switches more information

Safety Switches

SICK products easily withstand harsh conditions, such as impact and vibrations.  Non-contact safety switches from SICK can be used for the safe monitoring of movable guards as well as for position monitoring.  You have a choice among three operating principles (magnetic, transponder and inductive), and different designs allow you to select the solution that best fits the application requirements.

Safety Switches


Safety Control Solutions learn more

Safe control solutions for intelligent machine design focuses on increasing productivity on one hand, but also offering the highest level of quality and safety. sens:Control – safe control solutions embody this principle. The product portfolio includes safety relays, safety controllers and network solutions and is characterized by easy commissioning, modularity and an optimal integration into the automation process. The goal of sens:Control is to optimize interaction between people and machinery. 

Safety Controls

Barcode Identification

SICK Barcode more information SICK bar code scanners speed up logistics automation. Excellent reading performance ensures the process flow even when the bar codes are damaged or printed poorly. Their high scanning frequency enables high process speed. Whether 1D or 2D, or direct marked codes (e.g., laser, dot peening, ink jet) on metallic, plastic or on paper, they provide an ideal solution for nearly every application.




Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) learn more

For decades SICK has offered a large number of solutions in the field of identification for almost any problem. Now the product portfolio has been expanded by a new technology: Radio Frequency Identification - RFID can be utilized to identify pallets, ensure smooth transport of totes or match the content to the right transport box.

RFID allows identification, even with difficult environmental conditions, without visual contact between reader and object to be identified. This allows a reliable and fast detection. Identifying faster means commissioning faster, commissioning faster means higher efficiency and therefore real cost reduction.


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New Products

Sick H18 SureSenseSureSense Sensor

New SureSense, from SICK, is a complete family of hybrid M18 mounting photoelectric sensors. SureSense delivers best in class photoelectric performance and includes onboard diagnostics for easy setup. SureSense ultra reliable sensor family can detect nearly any object in any environment, ensuring your machines and lines stay up and running at full capacity.

The SureSense signal strength light bar provides instant feedback on the quality of alignment, adjustment and light signal being returned from an object. This additional information allows you to quickly optimize setup to minimize the effects of vibration, object variability and more.

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Flexi Loop saves costs with sensor cascades that communicate download

The decentralized Flexi Loop integration design enables cost-saving cascading of safety switches and sensors within a machine module as well as setting up extensive diagnostic options. 

Flexi Loop meets the demand for a cost-effective way to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine while also supporting diagnostics.  Such a system set-up also guarantees the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, emergency stop push-buttons and sensors. Used in connection with Flexi Soft, the entire safety application can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs – cost-effective, personalized and efficient.

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