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RFID, inc. is focused on the manufacture for resale of its RFID systems in off the shelf forms to End Users, Resellers, Integrators, as well as the development of new RFID systems for OEM’s interested in customized systems for incorporation into their own product offerings. A particular new focus has been made to develop Readers to customer specification for users interested in basing their own solutions on the many generic, configurable Transponder chips found on the market today.

Model S4 UHF Reader

RFID Model S4 UHF ReaderOur new Model S4 UHF Reader can port up to 4 Antennas with addressing achieving read ranges up to 90 feet with anti-collision technology (the ability to read multiple RFID Tags). Read range can easily be lowered to as little as an inch to accommodate your application needs. Readers are currently available with USB, Serial, TCPIP, Wiegand, and Ethernet/IP communication protocols. Soon to be released are Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU & TCP. Other features include:

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R3-2 (R cubed 2)

RFID R3-2 tagsThis 125 KHz product line is not interchangeable with our 148 KHz R3 Solutions. This 2nd generation product is based on the same rugged proven technology as that of our R3 (R cubed) family of RFID solutions with enhancements such as smaller reader packages, OEM level PCB packages and 7 to 28 VDC power requirements.  Additionally the R3-2 offers dozens of Tag styles and reader protocol outputs of DeviceNet, Profibus, Moodbus, Ethernet, Discrete I/O, RS485 and standard Serial.  The R3-2 operates as Standard (ISO approved) 125 KHz frequency.

R3-2 RFID Tags


The ActiveRFID Transponder (Tag) and Reader line is based on internationally recognized 433.92 MHz bandwidth with full FCC certification. This product is also proudly Made in the USA. This is a TTO (Tag Talk Only) communication method from the Tag to the Reader with the following attributes:

Active RFID

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