Global leader in Machine Vision and Industrial ID from Vision Sensors to Hand-held Readers and Verifiers

Siemens Siemens Automation


PLCs, Process Solutions, Industrial Computers, HMI, RFID, Industrial Networking, Safety Solutions

Siemens Siemens Motion Control

Motor Control & Drives

AC & DC Drives, Motors, Single & Multi Axis Servo Controllers, Mechatronics, Motion Controls

Siemens logo Siemens Industrial Controls

Power Distribution & Control

Industrial Controls, Circuit Protection, Safety Switches, Power Supplies, Motor Control Centers


Photoelectric, Fiberoptics, Proximity, Laser, Color Sensors Safety Interlocks, Light Curtains, Bar Code Scanners and Readers

Phoenix logo Phoenix Contact

Multi-purpose Wire Termination & Interface Devices, Signal Conditioners, Transient Protection & Remote Access Technology

Red Lion logo Red Lion Controls
Counters, Tachometers, Process Meters, Loop Controllers, Data Stations, Protocol Converters and Message Displays

Rittal logo Rittal

Industrial Enclosures, Server Cabinets, Climate Control, Power Distribution and Kiosks

Universal Robots

6-Axis collaborative Robot Arms


Emerson logo Emerson

Servo Drives & Systems, Multi-axis Controllers

P&F logo P&F Process Automation

Process Automation

Intrinsic Safety, Level Measurement, Fieldbus/HART, Corrosion Monitoring , Bebco Purge/Pressurization

P&F logo P&F Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Capacitive, Inductive, Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Sensors, Encoders, Cord Sets, RFID

Advanced Illumination logo Adnaced Illumination

Customized Solutions for Machine Vision Illumination

Apex logo Apex

High Precision Low Backlash Servo Gearboxes

ATC logo ATC

Electronic Timers/Counters, Photoelectric Sensors

Autotech logo Autotech Controls

Programmable Limit Switches & Resolvers

Avatar logo Avatar

Power Controllers and Custom Temperature Control Solutions

Bayside Bayside

Gearheads, Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Bayside Gearheads

CCS America logo CCS America

LED lighting for Machine Vision

DataLogic Datalogic

Auto ID Inspection Systems, Barcode Scanners, Datalogic Readers, Decoders

Denso Logo

4-Axis SCARA Robots, 6-Axis Articulated Robots

Destaco logo

Robotic Tooling Solutions

Diversified Diversified Electronics

Phase/Voltage Monitors, Current Monitors

Encoder Products Encoder Products

Optical Shaft Encoders

Euchner logo Euchner

Safety Switches, Enabling Switches, Safety Interlocks, Automation Products, Signaling Devices


Electric Actuators; Linear, Rotary and Electronic Positioners

Hammond Mfg. Hammond Mfg
Electrical Enclosures, Electronic Racks, Electronic Transformers Exlar

Hilscher Hilscher web site

Ethernet and Network Solutions


Wire Duct, DIN Rail, Cable Ties

Lapp Group Lapp Group

Flexible, Oil Resitant Connection and Control Cables


Cartesian Gantry Systems, Linear Robotics, Belt and Screw Actuators, Gear Boxes

MIR logo

Mobile Industrial Robots

Murrplastik logo Murrplastiks

Injection molded Cable Management Products

Noshok logo Noshok

Measurement Solutions, Gauges, Pressure Switches, Solenoid Valves

ON Robot logo

Industrial Electric Gripper

Optoforce logo

Force Torque Sensors

Parker Logo Parker Factory Displays

Parker Factory Display,
Production and Lean Visualization Systems

Patlite logo Patlite

Stack Lights, Alarm Lights, Audible Signal Devices

Posital Fraba Posital Fraba

Absolute Rotary Encoders, Inclinometers

PST logo PST systems

iStatus Wireless Condition Based Maintenance System

REA Jet logo

Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions


Radio Frequency Identification Products


Adaptive Grippers

Robotunits logo Robotunits

Modular Automation Systems from individual work bench to industrial production lines

Servotronics Servotronics

AC Servo Drives, DC Servo Drives, Servo Motors

SmartVisionLights logo SmartVisionLights

High output LED lights for Industrial Automation

Spectum Illumination

Softing logo Softing

Network Diagnostics and Monitoring Systems

Spectrum illumination logo

High output LED lights for Machine Vision



Tosibox logo

Remote Access Technology


Spectum Illumination

Trebing Himstedt logo Trebing & Himstedt

Network Monitoring Systems


Werma logo Werma signal devices

Signal Towers, Optical and Audible Signal Devices