Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment.  With five product lines, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology. The best of connections “from the sensor to the controller”.  From the classic terminal block to splashproof machine connectors and on to Wireless Ethernet, Phoenix Contact provides innovations that do more than our customers expect.


THERMOFOX Handheld Printers

ThermofoxThe THERMOFOX handheld printer is ideally suited to fast marking right on site. The printer is robust, easy to operate, and provides you with a variety of functions. The thermal transfer printer processes continuous media to mark cables and conductors, devices, terminals, and systems.

THERMOFOX Handheld Printers


CLIPLINECLIPLINE: Industrial Connection System

Phoenix Contact is the leader in DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks and associated industrial connection solutions, with the most comprehensive and highly engineered line of DIN rail-mounted products. The line includes screw clamp, spring cage and insulation displacement connection technologies. In addition to terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of other products including, circuit protection, marking solutions, tooling, through-panel connectors, accessories and design software.

CLIPLINE Industrial Connection System

PLUSCONPLUSCON: Industrial Connectors

Molded cables, connectors and sensor boxes for connection of sensors and actuators in the field.  Phoenix Contact’s full range of fast field connections for sensors and actuators includes the popular M12 connectors, M8 connectors and the small M5 connectors. PLUSCON’s industrial connectors heavy-duty connectors for up to 200 A of power, down to a few milliamps of signal.  Their industrial power distribution range is ideally suited to meet your requirements for flexible configuration of power distributions in the field.

PLUSCON Industrial Connectors

PCB Terminal blocks and PCB connectorsPhoenix PCB Connectors

PCB Terminal Blocks and PCB Connectors from Phoenix Contact set the global standard for high-quality, RoHS-compliant PCB terminal blocks and combine with our PCB connectors to create solutions for any application. Whether you need fast, space-saving PCB wiring or want to apply high currents to the PCB, rely on Phoenix Contact for reliable connections.

PCB Terminal Blocks and PCB Connectors


Phoenix Contact is an industry leader with a comprehensive surge and lightning protection product line. From power line to data line, TRABTECH products protect the most sensitive and mission critical applications. 


INTERFACE Signal conditioning for the control system

INTERFACE technology creates a smooth communication for process and control systems. These products provide signal conditioning for digital, analog, serial and power signals for the entire control system. Our modules have the ability to convert, switch, disconnect, adjust, amplify, connect and supply data and power signals. Signal Conditioners

INTERFACE Signal Conditioning

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