brewerySiemens and Applied Controls score huge brewery business

Wayne Automation Corporation, a family-owned, located northwest of Philadelphia has long been known for building fast, extremely reliable and highly engineered solutions—with Rockwell components exclusively.

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Press Release - 22nd TechToberFest Showcases the Latest Innovations in Industrial Automation, Robotics & Manufacturing Technology

Applied Controls, Inc. announced their twenty second annual TechToberFest™ celebration and open house on Thursday, October 6, 2016 from 8:30am to 5:30pm. They will be hosting an exciting day of activities to exhibit & showcase what is new in industrial automation, robotics& manufacturing technology.

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DENSO Press ReleasePress Release - Applied Controls becomes DENSO Robotics Partner, August 22, 2016

DENSO Corporation announced today that Applied Controls, Inc. will serve as one of the company’s Automation Solution Providers!

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MiR press releasePress Release - Applied Controls Partners with Innovative Robotics Manufacturers, July 7, 2016

Applied Controls, Inc. announced today the addition of two innovative lines of robotics to their manufacturer partners. Mobile Industrial Robots, Inc. {MiR}, a groundbreaking line of mobile robots, and On Robot ApS, a user friendly line of robot grippers.

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press releasePress Release - March 21, 2016

Siemens appoints Applied Controls as a Full Line Factory Automation distributor for Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia

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more information Applied Controls Adds Macron Dynamics to Product Offering

Applied Controls is proud to be partnered with Macron Dynamics linear robotics systems and mechanical motion technology.

Macron has redefined each component and every product through time-tested installations and experience.  Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. 

Linear Robotics, Gantry Systems, Cartesian Robots, Multi-Axis Automation, Belt-driven & Screw-driven Actuators

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SIMATIC S7-1500 learn more Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 Modular Controller

The new SIMATIC S7-1500 controller sets new standards for maximized productivity.  This benefits small-series machines as well as complex installations that place high demand on speed and deterministics.  

The SIMATIC S7-1500 is seamlessly integrated in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) for maximizing engineering efficiency.

SIMATIC S7-1500 integrates seamlessly with the TIA Portal providing both synchronous project planning and consistent control concept for controllers, HMI and drives. 

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VARIOFACE Professional with Push-in-technology

VARIOFACE Professional revolutionized interface modules with its unique design that results in a slim, compact, and rugged package.  VARIOFACE Professional with Push-in technology (VIP-PT) is an expansion of the VIP-SC line of passive interface modules. These modules are used in control cabinets to quickly and accurately connect field and control signals. The control side of these modules are connected to I/O cards using a high density cable, such as ribbon, D-Sub, and HD D-Sub and transmit signals to the field side for individual wiring. Varioface

Easy push-in wiring:

Exceptional wire retention force:

Rugged DIN rail mounting:

Easy wire-ejection button:

Compact design saves valuable cabinet space:


Visualize...the ability to see what your barcode reader sees

DataMan 50 readingCognex DataMan® image-based barcode readers work like cameras; they take digital images of the product as it passes by the barcode reader. Because of this technology, DataMan barcode readers offer users performance feedback.  You can view your barcode images live or FTP images of no reads to a server for analysis and process improvement.

Start understanding why you have no reads by getting a visual confirmation of any errors that occur by upgrading to DataMan image-based barcode reading technology.

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Universal Robots logo

Automate easily, inexpensively, and flexibly

Universal Robots are flexible, light weight and user friendly 6 axis industrial robots. They are Universal Robotsdeveloped specially for small and medium enterprises, which has the need for flexible and effective automation that can provide them fast return of investments. The robots are easy to move around and do not require sturdy bases due to their light weight structure.

No requirements for safety fencing
As Universal Robots’ robotic arms are in compliance with the ISO standard for collaborative robots 10218-1:2006, they are therefore able to operate without the need to install safety fences around them.

With a weight of 18 and 25 kilos respectively, UR5 and UR10 can easily be moved around in the production and used in many different instances. With the user friendly software, the robotic arms can be easily and quickly programmed to perform new tasks.

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Unidrive M Video Watch Unidrive video Unidrive M  Drives for Manufacturing Automation
ne family, Seven function sets, Endless possibilities

Control Techniques’ exciting new Unidrive M offers the widest possible variety of functionality and solutions for motor control applications with a range of 0.25 kW to 1.2 MW. Unidrive M delivers seven function-focused drive models, all with superior motor performance and an individual feature set to best match the customer’s application and system connectivity needs.

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SICK IQ08, IQ10, IQ12 inductive proximity sensors

IQTough when it gets rough: Inductive proximity sensors IQ

The three product families, IQ08, IQ10 and IQ12, provide extended service life due to their tough and chemically resistant IP-68 housing made of VISTAL™, a special glass-fiber reinforced plastic, as well as electronics protected by hot-melt molding. Thanks to their space-saving design, they are also suited for narrow installation locations. The practical 270° status display with extra bright LED allows fast viewing of the sensor status from any angle of vision.

IQ Inductive proximity sensors



SICK OD Series Displacement Sensors

Non-contact Gauging Technology - SICK's line of OD optical displacement sensors are reliable tools for optical gauging applications at extremely short ranges. They can measure distances as short as 24 mm with 0.02 micron resolution and have a fast response time of 1 ms. This makes non-contact OD optical displacement sensors an ideal alternate solution to mechanical measurement devices, such as LVDT probes.SICK OD Series sensors

The OD Value sensor captures the most minute differences in length, width, thickness, diameter, shape, position or eccentricity directly in the machine, without contact, with high accuracy and in-process.

OD Precision series handle the most varied applications regardless of whether rough or fine structured patterns are measured with a high degree of precision and resolution.

OD Series Displacement Sensors >

Eliminate the need for print marksML20 Markless Sensor

Using pattern recognition, the ML20 Markless sensor from SICK detects the cutting position for label applications without the use of print marks. This completely new technology provides reliable detection, even with complex images means more freedom when designing packaging while allowing for more efficient utilization of space on the product instead of using unnecessary print marks and place markers.

Perfect for webfilm control in bottling and labeling machines, the ML20 features:

ML20 Markless Sensor


TechToberFest TechTober Fest Press Release Press Release: “TechToberFest”a Manufacturing Technology Showcase & Open House

Applied Controls, Inc. announces their eighteenth annual TechToberFestÔ celebration and open house on Thursday, October 4, 2012 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. They will be hosting an exciting day of activities to exhibit & showcase what is new in industrial automation & manufacturing technology.

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LGS Series... Touch It, Save It

The new LGS Series from Pepperl & Fuchs redefines the automation light grid category, utilizing a modern, capacitive touch field for simple, step-by-step programming without the need for PC software.  The touch field and illuminated icons easily allow the user to enable complex functions including object identification, height monitoring and beam blanking.LGS Applications

All with the touch of a finger!  Setup has never been easier.
With a super-slim aluminum housing, a wide variety of lengths from small to large and a broad range of resolution options, the new LGS light grids offer benefits to new and existing applications in all markets.

LGS Light Grids

Surge protection for measurement and control technology

Reliable communication - Powerful surge protection components ensure excellent signal quality and reliable communication.  Sensitive electronics in measurement and control devices are easily susceptible to transients/surges induced due parallel wiring in the control cabinet. Phoenix Contact's MCR surge protection devices have powerful components with a low protection level and fast response ensuring excellent signal quality.MCR surge protection Surge Protection information

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In-Sight 7010 is the entry level vision system!

With the unique combination of hardware features and software tools, the In-Sight 7010 is the ideal out-of-the-box solution for many straightforward vision applications. In-Sight® 7010 is an entry level vision system developed specifically for inspection tasks where Out of the box In-Sight 7010 Demo Videos vision sensors are too limited and a standard vision system may not be cost effective. Every aspect of the In-Sight 7010 has been designed to make deploying a vision system easier than ever before:

Integrated autofocus
For production situations requiring regular part changes, or applications that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.

Integrated illumination
In-Sight 7010 offers integrated, field-replaceable white lighting as well as four specific color lights to highlight particular parts or features.

Intuitive EasyBuilder® user interface
Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allow you to program solutions for your own vision applications

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Reduce space, minimize downtime, and increase productivity with the New Siemens ET 200SP

SIMATIC ET200SPSmaller in size:  Up to 50% less foot print.  Smallest size when compared to competitors.

Simpler to use: The most operator friendly markings and I/O design for quick diagnostics without the need for a laptop.  Modules and terminals are connected and disconnected with minimal use of tools due to patented “push-in” wiring and din-rail release via finger-operated buttons. 

Stronger performance:  The ET 200SP’s new integrated technology results in the shortest I/O reaction time compared to competitors, allowing faster data throughput and production lines.



In-Sight 7000The NEW In-Sight 7000 is the ultimate vision system - Small, tough and very smart

The In-Sight® 7000 smart camera represents a true revolution in machine vision.  The In-Sight 7000 features powerful vision tools, faster image capture, the capability to power and control a range of external lighting and enough input/output capacity for virtually any inspection scenario—all in a compact, industrial IP67 package that makes the system ideal for more applications than ever before. 

In-Sight 7000 Vision System



DataMan 300DataMan 300 Barcode Reader - A Quantum Leap in Barcode Reader performance

The DataMan 300 series of readers was developed to handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well as challenging 1-D linear barcodes and 2-D Data Matrix codes and for indexed or high-speed lines.

Unmatched read rate performance - Flexible lighting and optics - Ease of Deployment

DataMan 300 Barcode Reader


S300S300 Mini - Maximum Safety in a Compact Size

The S300 Mini safety laser scanner is the smallest and lightest safety-rated laser scanner on the market, and offers a unique set of functional capabilities to solve the most challenging safety applications.  The S300 Mini also has a 2 meter safety field range, a scanning angle of 270 degrees and up to 16 switchable field sets. 

SICK - S300 Safety Scanner

WL12G sensorWL12G-3 for Clear Material Applications

SICK's WL12G-3 is a next generation photoelectric sensor with a rugged metal housing.  It uses SICK's custom ASIC that incorporates continuous threshold adaptation (CTA) to provide exceptional clear material detection. 

SICK - WL12G-3

Introducing the SITOP PSU100C: Power Supply Units for Distributed Applications

SITOP The SITOP PSU100C stabilized power supplies of the SITOP compact product line for the low-end performance range have an extremely slim design that makes them ideal for distributed applications (e.g., installation in control boxes or small control cabinets).
With a width of just 22.5 to 52.5 mm, the power supply units require up to one-third less space on the mounting rail than comparable devices.

Siemens SITOP Power Supply


Supercharged ID performance for factory automation applications

The high performance DataMan 500 fixed-mount barcode reader is powered by a proprietary vision chip technology, Cognex VSoC™ (Vision System on a Chip), providing unmatched barcode reading and ease of use not found in other image-based or laser systems VSoCavailable today.

DataMan 500 reads barcodes at twice the speed of other readers and is so easy to use, and reads codes so well, that it doesn't have to be positioned optimally to achieve high read rates.

DataMan 500Unmatched read rate performance:

DataMan 500 Technology


SIMATIC S7-1200 for micro automation

Compact and powerful, the new SIMATIC S7-1200 emphasizes seamless integration and perfect interplay between the controller, HMI and software. As a result, the new SIMATIC S7-1200 micro PLC is flexible and scalable, achieves high performance in a compact design and still is suitable for the most complex tasks.

S7-1200 PLCSIMATIC S7-1200 micro PLC and the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels feature SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic engineering software for simple-and-speedy programming, networking and commissioning. The micro PLC's central unit is fully compatible with a range of I/O and communications modules, providing flexible extension options. The system also offers a PROFINET interface for easy networking and communication between the engineering system, controllers, and HMI.