Motion Control & Drives

Emerson logo Emerson

Servo Drives & Systems, Multi-axis Controllers, Exlar Linear Actuators

Siemens logo Siemens

PLCs, Process Solutions, Industrial Computers, HMIs, RFID, Industrial Controls, AC & DC Drives, Motors, Single & Multi Axis Servo Controllers, Mechatronics, Motion Controls

Universal Robots

6-Axis Collaborative Robot Arms


Cartesian Gantry Systems, Linear Robotics, Belt and Screw Actuators, Gear Boxes



Encoders, Photoelectric, Fiberoptics, Proximity, Laser, Color Sensors Safety Interlocks, Light Curtains, Bar Code Scanners and Readers

Robotunits logo Robotunits

Modular Automation Systems, Conveyors and Lifter Stations

P&F logo P&F Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Capacitive, Inductive, Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Sensors, Encoders, Cord Sets

Apex logo Apex

High Precision Low Backlash Servo Gearboxes

Red Lion logo Red Lion Controls

Counters, Tachometers, Process Meters, Loop Controllers, Data Stations, Protocol Converters and Message Displays

Autotech logo Autotech Controls

Programmable Limit Switches & Resolvers

Absolute Rotary Encoders, Inclinometers

Exlar logo Exlar

Electric Actuators; Linear, Rotary and Electronic Positioners

Bayside motion

Gearheads, Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Bayside Gearheads

Encoder products Ecoder Products

Optical Shaft Encoders

Servotronics Servotronics

AC Servo Drives, DC Servo Drives, Servo Motors