Enterprise-Wide Control and Connectivity

Seamless integration means the factory communicates both horizontally and vertically: plant-wide, and from field level to the boardroom. Open standards free you to select the components that are right for your application and be assured of compatibility.
Linked via internationally-recognized standard interfaces and protocols, every part of the factory contributes to and draws from a comprehensive database. Updated in real time, the system provides accurate information enabling you to maximize productivity, prolong component life and schedule downtime.

We Can Help You:Simatic Net

. . . establish a unified engineering platform

. . . reduce costs throughout your company

. . . get to market faster leveraging our resources Enterprise connectivity

. . . prosper amid constant change

Since 1969, manufacturing and process engineers have looked to us for engineering solutions that give them a vital competitive advantage. Even more important, they’ve counted on us for reliable support, before and after the sale, to make sure their solutions work as promised.

And we’ve helped them take advantage of evolving technology by sponsoring technical training that makes sense of rapid-fire innovation in industry.

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